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Flexible Laminates

Flexible Laminates

Laminating is the process through which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. The substrates making up the webs may consist of films, papers, or aluminum foils. In general terms an adhesive is applied to the less absorbent substrate web, after which the second web is pressed against it to produce a duplex, or two-layer, laminate.

Ideal solution for customers looking quality product at a competitive cost and increase shelf life of their product. We offer a variety of 2-Ply/3-Ply and also 4-Ply flexible laminate structures both in Roll and Pouch forms using different substrates like PET, METPET, MET BOPPP, MAT BOPP, PLAINPET, AL FOIL, LD, CPP etc. We offer surface printing on METBOPP, METPET and Plain PET with Twist grade properties specially for confectioneries odourless materials.

It cab be used for tea coffee, flour, like atta, maida, rava, sooga, detergents, masalapowder, rusk, noodles , pasta, vermicella, seeds...etc