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RPL having 8 color rotogravure printing machines operated from 150 -200 mpm, includes facilities of autosplicing, defect detection and registration control. RPL has finalized and will be operating an 8 color rotogravure printing machine at speeds of 300 mpm with an operating width of 1350 mm having facilities of viscosity controls in the individual stations, autoregistration system, auto web detection and elimination system.


RPL operates both solvent base and solvent less lamination machines which are operated at max speed of 200- 350 mpm with wide range of substrates like foil, poly film, all grades in pet, paper etc.

We use both Solvent and solvent free facilities. Solvent free laminations, reduce the pollution and is safe for consumption.


High quality slitting machines ensure that the coils are wounded properly and are free to use on the FFS machines.


Branding is a decisive element in the success of any product. As pouches of various sizes offer a different dimension to branding, our pouching facilities can make customized pouches such as Centre Seal, Side Sealed, Side Gusset, Standy, Reusable and Pouches with Zip Lock, V Notch, Soft Corners, Hanger Hole and Loop, Perforated Strips & Spout Pouches.

Blown film 

RPl has made expansion in the blown film segment. Manufacture all Food grades, industrial grades in the monololayer and multilayer machines. Monolayer machines are having an out put capacities of 125 tons/month and Multilayer machines having capcities of 350 tons/month. Wide range of products being manufactured like HM-bags, LD-bags, Surface printed oil film & Milk films, Lamination grade films for all food grades etc.

BOPP tapes manufacturing 

RPL has set up BOPP tapes manufacturing unit in umit-2 . Wide ranges of BOPP tapes are manufactured. RPL caters 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm , 72 mm and supply of Jumbo rolls of 1460 mm width where converters having their own conversion set up. The tapes manufactured are customer specified length and as per specifications. Having a production capacity of 5 tons/day with the machine operated at 150 mpm @ 1460 mm width.

Hot melt coating on paper laminates 

RPL manufactures Hotmelt coating on soap wrapper. This segment having a production capacity of 120 tons/month is operated at 120-150 mpm at various coating levels of hotmelt on paper laminates.

PVC -Shrink sleeves 

RPL manufactures Printed and plain sleeves having a capacity of 20 tons/month. The company has installed state of art machines imported from Taiwan where the machines are operated with high speeds of 400 cuts/min with world class quality product.