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Hot Melt

Hotmelt for soap wrappers applications, wax coated paper, Self -adhesive tapes , Monolayer bags made out of LDPE & HMHDPE for Industrial applications.

Hot melt adhesives are mainly applied to carton/ box sealing, bottle labeling, straw attachment, paper bag manufacturing, and bags assembly, etc.  Constantly endeavoring ourselves in innovation, Rathna Group especially develops Metallocene Polyolefin (mPO) based hot melt glue pellets and hot melt glue sticks.  This high Price/performance ratio hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of low odor, no charring, no gelling, no stringing, low density, high strength, and is suitable for wider environmental temperature, which can save cost and create better efficiency for the customers. 

Rathna Group packaging hot melt adhesive has different shapes, hot melt glue pellets for automatic equipment and hot melt glue stick for manual ones.  Our packaging hot melt glues have been applied to various carton sealing, box sealing, and tray forming in lots of industries, such as beverage, food, agriculture, pharmacy, bag manufacturing, etc.

Rathna Group hot melt adhesive is suitable for all kinds of packaging paper and plastic materials.  Our packaging hot melt glue still can reach its perfect and appropriate strength for various type of coating materials that are hard to be bond, such as PE coated, OPP coated, PP fluted board, PE foam, UV vanish coating materials. 

Hot Melt Adhesive for Carbonated Bottle Labelling

Applications:Carbonated beverage plastic bottle labeling hot melt adhesives, glass bottle labeling hot melt adhesive, tin can labeling hot melt adhesive Rathna Group Packaging bottles labeling HMA has low viscosity which can be operated at lower temperature and reduce label deformation and it is not drawing that creates better machine operation. Its surface is weak sticky and that offer long open time and good adhesive for various kinds of plastic films and bottles such as PP??? PET???HDPE. Its high hardness, high cohesion and excellent heat-resistant reduce label displacement caused by PET bottle’s expansion and keep bottle clean and intact.The long open time and high cohesion of this glue make it also suitable for tin can labeling.