BRCGS / SEDEX / GRS / ISO 22000:2018 / ISO 9001:2015 Certified Production Facility

In the past the focus of food packaging was to provide protection, storage & transportation. Now the focus has shifted to promoting a circular economy and utilizing sustainable raw materials

Paper-made pouches and cups offer a packaging solution that simultaneously protects and preserves the environment

Our paper-made pouches, cup stacks, and QSR tub & lids have superior properties like water, oil & grease resistance, Good heat seal properties

This Biodegradable coated boards should be safe for direct food contact, should be able to keep the fluids inside the cup, and have a sealing ability to form paper cups and tub & lids in order to effectively replace Polyethylene

RPL offers a range of solutions for creating barrier properties in paper and paper board for sustainable packaging solutions

Features of Biodegradable Paper Boards

  • Very Good Water Repellent (COBB)
  • Good Heat Saleability
  • Hot Coffee
  • Oil and Grease Resistance
  • Food Compliant
  • Tace free
  • 100% Repulpable & Plastic Free
  • Biodegradable

Benefits of Biodegradable Paper & Paper Boards

Applications of Biodegradable Paper Boards

  • Dairy products
  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Coffee
  • Buckets for food
  • Paper Bbowls for Soup/Noodles
  • Takeaway Boxes
  • Ice cream cups