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Milk Film

Milk Film is the LDPE film that is processed by Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion. Generally, LDPE is used for Dairy Products packaging due to its toughness, flexibility, and relative transparency, lowest softening point, making it popular for use in applications where heat sealing is necessary.

These films are available Printed, Unprinted, Natural & Opaque. Each of the three layers can have different polymers added to it, in order to meet the individual requirements of the customer with meeting the food grade requirements.

Applications of Milk Film

  • The benefits of milk films are being economic and providing freshness.
  • For producers, it is easier to vary portion size as well as lowering the cost of packaging.
  • Milk bags also take up less space in the garbage.
  • For consumers, bags typically allow for smaller portion sizes. This theoretically reduces the risk of spoilage, as well as the Space and location of storage in the fridge
  • Generally, Milk Films are used in the Primary packaging of Milk, Curd, Lassi, Butter Milk& other dairy products.