BRCGS / SEDEX / GRS / ISO 22000:2018 / ISO 9001:2015 Certified Production Facility

This material has a great barrier to pack food products which is as alternate to Nylon, EVOH mono films & PET/ PE laminates

This high barrier laminate Designed to increase shelf life and product quality, its improves recyclability and provides flexibility for packaging windows and other design elements

This material is designed to meet the requirements of both US, FDA and EU food packaging standards

RPL has been developing mono-materials for plastics which remove the complexities of layers of different materials that make it hard to recycle

These products allow the eco-design of mono-PE and mono-PP recyclable packaging, according to the international guidelines for plastic recycling

Features of Recyclable Mono-Material

  • High Barrier PE/PE, PP is the perfect material to replace Nylon, EVOH mono films and PET – PE laminates
  • When it laminated to PE film, it can be used to make all kinds of bags

Benefits of 100% Recyclable Mono-Materials

Laminate Structure

100% recyclable mono laminate (PE/PE,PP)

Barrier Properties

OTR: <2-5 cc/m2/24 Hr, WVTR: <2-3 gm/m2/24 Hr

Special Properties

  • High dart drop impact
  • Stiffness/toughness
  • Easy process / Excellent heat sealing & hot tack
  • Gas & Moisture barrier

Various Packaging Applications

RPL Mono-material recyclable laminates and film packaging applications

Edible Oil & Aroma Barrier Packaging

Detergents, Handwash & Personal Care Packaging

Tea, Noodles, Wheat Flour & Other Flour Packaging

Air Cushion Bags