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Lamination is the process in which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. These webs are comprised of films, papers, or aluminium foils. Laminated Film is made of multiple raw material layers with barrier properties that are chosen depending on the customer’s needs.

In Lamination, we will give users the required features enables the user to get the composite layer structure of different laminates (PET/ Foil / BOPP / Nylon / Paper / Poly etc.,) ranging from 30 microns to 200 microns (more, if required)

With consideration to the end product and the shelf life requirements of different products we provide solution.

  • We can provide Printed / Unprinted Laminated Pouches or Rolls ranging from 2 Ply / 3 Ply / 4 Ply ( Roll form or Pouch form) with a wide variety of structures.
  • PET/ Poly, Kraft Paper/ Poly, BOPP/Poly, PET/ Foil/ Poly, Nylon / Poly, BOPP/Met PET/Poly, PET/ Met PET/ Poly, CPP/Poly.

Applications of Laminates

  • Identification and promotion of products in the market.
  • Conveniently transmit information like how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of the package or product.
  • Improve the strength of the material by making it more resistant to tearing.
  • Protect products during packaging, distribution, and storage.
  • Protect product from outside deteriorating agents (light, moisture, gas).
  • Prevent the loss of product qualities, such as freshness and aroma (food).

Our Product Offering:

Laminated film is used in a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as food (snacks, sugar, seasoning, Atta, noodles, dairy products, coffee, confectionery, beverages, and liquid packaging) pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetics, and many more.

  • Polyester-based barrier laminates ( PET/ M.PET/PVDC coated PET)
  • Polyethylene-based barrier laminates
  • Aluminium-based barrier laminates
  • Double barrier laminates ( Aluminium & BOPA)
  • Poly polypropylene-based barrier laminates ( BOPP & CPP )